Copy of Our Team

Aleah Barrett, Assistant

Aleah was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina where she still currently resides with her 4 cats. Her parents took her on her first flight to NYC at just 4 months old. Aleah enjoys traveling all of the south, concerts, photography, and spending time with her family and friends. In her spare time you can usually find her practicing an instrument or finding the next best Mexican restaurant.


Andrew Bashuk, Concierge

Andrew Bashuk has been an avid fan of the travel industry for nearly all his life, spending most of his childhood collecting timetables from airlines the world over. The number of fake itineraries he built at his kitchen table is in the thousands, at least. Since graduating from the University of Georgia in 2005, Andrew has lived in the Washington, DC area working in college athletics. In his spare time, Andrew spends most of the day either watching the Atlanta Braves or watching his TV waiting for the Braves game to start.


Beth Carlisle, Assistant

Beth lives near the mountains of Colorado but enjoys chasing 70-degree weather in her RV whenever possible. She grew up loving travel, mostly in road trip form. She took her first flight at the age of 16 and fell in love with flying. She’ll even volunteer a ride to the airport so she can watch planes take off. In her free time, she likes to kayak, paddle board, take walks with her dogs, and plan her next adventure.


Brett Snyder, President

In his career, Brett has worked at US Airways, America West, Eos, and United, so he understands how the business works from the inside. Even though he worked in an office and not at the airport, his favorite memories involve his near weekly stints helping out at in the Phoenix operation when he was at America West. Brett is a proud airline dork and author of the award-winning consumer air travel blog The Cranky Flier. Brett became the youngest known travel agent at the age of 12, so he has been helping solve travel problems for well over half his life. For years, Brett has helped his family and friends to get out of sticky situations while traveling. He now helps the public and has been recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as a Top Travel Specialist for providing air travel assistance.


Brittany McElwee, Assistant

Brittany didn't take her first flight until she was 22, but she caught the travel bug, took 24 flights in 6 months, and hasn't looked back since. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys visiting friends in different cities, playing board games, and going to music festivals. Her most memorable travel experience involved a misunderstanding with the Paris police and a fine of 200 euros. After spending some time in New York City and the Pacific Northwest, Brittany has finally settled down in Virginia. She can be usually be found with a cat on her lap, planning her next trip.


Dave Junco, Technology 

Dave Junco joined the Cranky team in 2011 as an intern and now manages all our technology projects. Growing up, his father would take him to Clutter's Park in Southern California to watch the planes take off and land at LAX. Travel came early to Dave, as his mom worked at an airline and made sure the family took plenty of trips. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, finding his next favorite coffee roast, and going to the movies. 


David Hotz, Flight Monitoring and Award Travel

David has always loved travel and the airline industry. He started collecting airline timetables as a young kid and became the go-to travel guru for his friends and family once the ability to book online became a thing. In college, he started collecting frequent flier miles and remembers the joy of redeeming US Airways miles for a First Class ticket to Asia. The obsession grew from there, and he's traveled all over the world, redeeming miles and points. When not traveling, David enjoys sports, cooking, playing with his dog and planning his next trip.



David "Max" Maxwell, Travel Architect

David "Max" Maxwell is a proud airline dork who enjoys all aspects of the travel experience. At a young age, he would present his parents with vacation suggestions including specific flights he researched from airline timetables. To date, Maxwell has visited five continents, 44 of the 50 states and flown more than 1 million miles. In college, Maxwell went to work for a travel agency part-time, delivering paper airline tickets to business customers. After a few years, he learned Sabre and was promoted to a full-time travel agent position before he graduated. For the past six years, Maxwell has been a travel secretary for a professional hockey team and responsible for all flights, hotels, buses, and meals. Maxwell is an avid skier and tries to spend at least 25 days a year on the slopes despite living in San Antonio. In addition to his love for skiing, Maxwell is also a High School and College football official. In this hobby, he is able to combine his love for travel and football as he spends his fall weekends flying around the country in the best "seat in the stadium."


Harry Lambert, Concierge

Harry Lambert has been fascinated with planes since he was 5 years old. Growing up, he would often stop by his local airport--Raleigh-Durham--to watch planes take off and land. Even today, it's not unusual to find him down by the East River on a sunny afternoon, plane-spotting flights on their way to LaGuardia. As he grew up, his fascination turned to airline schedules, routes, and the air travel business. Today, he is the point person for his family and friends when it comes to air travel. Harry is excited to be a part of the Cranky Concierge team and bring his skills to clients. When not monitoring flights, Harry volunteers as an EMT in his community and attends medical school in NYC. He looks forward to helping Cranky Concierge clients in the future!


Kevin Roberts, Business Development and Flight Planning

Kevin is a proud member of the Cranky Concierge team. He is Dallas-based and has spent years building itineraries to get you wherever your heart desires. Kevin's first trip was to Norway at the age of 3 and he's had the travel bug ever since. A self-described foodie, his favorite part of traveling has always been trying the local food and drink. He prides himself on knowing great places to eat and is always willing to try something new. 





Michael Reay, Concierge

Michael considers airplanes to be his second home, having racked up 32 days of flying time across 198 flights in 2019 alone. Michael caught the travel bug at an early age, and has since lived in the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, and the US. With more than 5 years in the travel industry under his belt, Michael has the skills and experience to get you out of a jam or book that dream trip with miles which you always thought was out of reach.