Exeter VIP - Cranky Partner

You're Working with Exeter International on a Fantastic Trip, Now Let's Talk Flights

Exeter International wants to make sure your trip is perfect, so they've partnered with us at Cranky Concierge air travel assistance to help you along the way. Please see below for our available services.


Flight Planning and Monitoring

If you haven't purchased tickets to get to your destination yet, then let us help find you the best option. As a travel agent that focuses specifically on air travel, we will use our expertise to find you the right mix of the best onboard product, most ideal schedule, and lowest fare. We'll get you booked and then monitor for any schedule changes before departure.

This also includes our Flight Monitoring service which provides personalized updates and assistance if you experience any flight issues. We'll even keep Exeter International informed so you don't need to worry about giving them updates yourself.

If you'd have more questions, you can also reach out to us at orangeteam@crankyconcierge.com or call us at (888) 747-1011 x530.

Award Redemption and Monitoring

Do you plan to use airline miles for your flights? We can help with that as well. We'll search all possible options in order to get you where you're going based upon your flexibility and mileage balances. If we can't find an option using miles that fits your needs, we'll help you find the best paid option without any additional charge. And of course, all Flight Monitoring services will be included.

To select this option, we'll need to get some more information so we can see if it seems feasible before having you sign up. Fill out this form to tell us all about your trip. We'll review and get back to you with whether we think it's possible or not.