Cranky Concierge offers three main services to assist with your travel experience. Our services range from Flight Monitoring to Planning to Urgent Assistance.

Flight Planning

Services include:


We'll use our volumes of airline knowledge to find the best flights for you. Then we'll get you booked and ready to go. After you're booked, send any air travel questions you have to us and we'll find the answers so you're ready to fly.

  • Help plan your trip during regular business hours, Monday through Friday between 7a and 5p Pacific Time
  • Find the lowest fares, taking fees into account
  • Suggest the best routings for avoiding delays and complicated connections
  • Recommend which airlines have legroom that won't crush your knees
  • Explain what entertainment and meal options are available
  • Make your booking for you, or simply tell you where you can book if you prefer
  • Answer any questions you have before the day of your trip (how many bags you can bring, can you bring tweezers onboard, etc.)
  • Search for and redeem miles and points for flights
  • Transfer miles and points to the best program for your trip

Plus all services included in Flight Monitoring

Flight Monitoring

This service is designed for use if you have already purchased a flight for future travel. (If you have a flight that has delayed/canceled and you need immediate assistance, you'll need our Urgent Assistance service below.)

Services included:


Think of us as your air travel guardian. We'll keep an eye on your flights so you don't have to worry about them. If anything looks like it won't run as planned, we'll let you know.

  • Watch your flight for delays as they develop (or hopefully don't)
  • Send you a day of travel email with weather, delay info, and other advice
  • Weather monitoring to look for potential delays
  • Watch for FAA airport status changes for airport-specific delays
  • Track your airplane earlier in the day to make sure it's running on time
  • Prepare alternate flight options before there's even a problem, just in case you need it
  • Inform loved ones and/or colleagues about your flight status

Delay & Cancellation Assistance

If you do run into delays, cancellations, or misconnections, we'll be on the case. We'll have potential alternatives ready to go faster than you can scream at an undeserving gate agent.

  • Research available alternative flight options
  • Search for options in nearby cities/airports
  • Put together connections in unlikely places to get you where you're going (even Omaha)
  • Check car rental rates and availability at your alternate airport
  • Look for ground transport alternatives if we can't find a flight
  • Find hotels and restaurants for stranded travelers if all else fails

Urgent Assistance

Services included:

Immediate Attention

If your flight is already delayed/canceled or if you're looking to book a last second trip and you need us right away, then this is the service for you.

  • Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Search for, evaluate alternative options, and book flights to get you to your destination
  • Monitoring of new flights to assist with any additional problems that may arise
  • Assist with booking alternate transport (car, bus, train, etc)
  • Inform loved ones and/or colleagues about your flight status

Urgent assistance covers help for one direction. Additional directions will be billed separately

All services include:

Post-Trip Dispute Assistance

Just because your trip is over doesn't mean we're done with you. If things went wrong, you probably want the airline to make things right. We can help you get what you deserve.

  • Research your entitlement in airline's contract of carriage
  • Provide recommended contact addresses/phone numbers
  • Assist in writing the communication for maximum compensation