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 Making the reservation is only part of it. We've got unused ticket tracking, reporting, and more. 

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We've built a remote business from the ground up and we can help your business do the same.


You'll be hard-pressed to find people like us anywhere else, and we take great pride in that. Ever since I started this company in 2009, we've focused on finding employees who love travel and everything about it. Our enthusiasm and passion goes to the deepest levels. For example, see that airplane photo? When we found the image, we had a lengthy discussion trying to identify the airline and aircraft. That speaks to another truth: We live for the challenge of solving a puzzle. Whether that's crafting a perfect travel policy for you and your employees, finding the best options for getting from A to B, or setting up an operation that runs as efficiently as we do, let our expertise help solve your biggest puzzles.

Your team should focus on running your business. Let us manage the travel that makes your success possible.

President & Chief Airline Dork

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A relevant, well-documented travel policy prevents inconsistent policies that can unintentionally treat employees differently, while also managing travel costs.

Everyone has a travel policy, the question is really if you've written it down or not. If you haven’t yet gotten around to documenting your company’s travel policy, now is an excellent time. It’s a new world of travel these days. Routes aren't as prolific as they once were, and flight frequencies are down. Some of the things we'll look at are:

  • Current habits and trends of your company travel
  • Company goals for travel - what are you trying to accomplish through your trips?
  • Ways to save you money based on your travel habits, goals, and preferences
  • Best practices to minimize risk and boost employee morale

Send us a note we'll be happy to help answer your questions.

Do you have a travel policy sitting somewhere in a dusty drawer? Now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your company travel. Or maybe your travel policy was written for a different era of travel? Let's modernize it and make sure you've got something that still makes good business sense.

Providing employees with a well-documented, clear, and concise travel policy is an excellent way to lay out goals and expectations surrounding company travel. Small businesses with travel policies save time, money, and frustration: when everyone is on the same page, your bottom line wins. No one will waste time asking if they can take a similar flight for hundreds of dollars more because they prefer one airline over another, or book that preferred flight themselves without the company knowing until it's time to reconcile the credit cards. Your employees will feel confident about what is and is not covered on company trips, and they will be empowered to make decisions based on travel policy guidelines.

"You are fantastic and we have told everyone we know about you."

Patrick S.


Small business travel can be challenging. Everyone at your company is working hard, and you have to carve out a lot of time to plan your trips. Stop worrying about that, and focus on what matters. Let Cranky Concierge plan your travel and partner with you to create a strategy that saves you money, frees up your time, and saves you from all the hassle.

We know how it goes. You probably have a favorite site to book travel; maybe it's Kayak, Google Flights or Expedia. You might think you're getting good rates, but we think we can help you get more for your money.

  • Discounted rates on some large US airlines for domestic travel
  • Save money with access to discounted seat assignments on some of your favorite airlines.
  • We monitor for fare drops so you save money within the 24-hour booking window.
  • Don't ever worry about managing weather waivers for your business travel again, we'll take care of that.
  • Have questions about points? We've got experts for that who can help your company earn points on all your purchases (travel and non-travel), and can help out when it's time to decide on using points vs cash for travel.

Our strategic approach to dealing with your small business's travel needs differentiates us, and it saves you money.

Booking travel takes a lot of time. Not only do you need to find the best flights, but you have to book lodging and ground transportation that meets the needs of your travelers. Coordinating that while balancing change requests can be a tall task. As your business grows, the time you spend on travel should be spent on just that- growing your business.

Let Cranky Concierge handle your travel and free up your time to focus on what matters most.

When the time comes to fly, your team of concierges is there, proactively monitoring your flights. If you're delayed or canceled, don't sweat it. Our team will get you back on track. We can see real-time airline availability and quickly make changes to your booking. There's no need to wait in line or sit on hold with the airlines. We'll take care of it for you.

Our team is there to make travel easier so that you don't have to endure the hassle that comes with life on the road.

Here are some more details on what we can do:

  • Work with you to develop a travel policy
  • Sign you up for airline business loyalty programs to help further your earnings
  • Build a profile for every traveler so that we know all preferences
  • Search for and book flights using both miles and money to find the best value
  • Check for upgrade availability and process as requested
  • Reserve hotels, car rentals, and anything else you might need to get to and from your destination
  • Arrange seat assignments, and if ideal seats aren't available, monitor for better ones to open
  • Help you organize your travel plans so that everything is kept up-to-date
  • Monitor your flights and send updates along the way
  • Help arrange new flights (and accommodation if needed) if you are delayed or canceled
  • Alert colleagues, clients, and family if you'll be delayed, at your request
  • Assist with lost bags or other complaints after travel
  • Provide custom reporting tailored to your needs

"Yesterday really showed your value to the company. There is no way the airline reps would have found that random coach seat for me and got me home tonight, in fact when I walked up and said "Hey I think my agent found a coach seat on that flight can you confirm it for me?" she was like "I really doubt he did, but I'll look" and then seemed really surprised when it turned out it worked. So really thank you so much for all your help, we're excited to do future business with you."

Travis M.


We've managed to build an operationally efficient, remote business and are happy to share our learning. If you are having Work From Home pains or just want another set of eyes looking at your operation, we'll be glad to dig in. We can look for tools, tweaks, or overhauls that can help you thrive in whatever environment.

We can take a quick look or a deep dive into your company's operation and make recommendations based on our experience. We structure it in a business friendly way with no upfront costs or ongoing commitments required. 

"Your team is amazing. I am so impressed. I am being a serious pain and they are responding so quickly, adeptly and are being really cool."

Jen M.

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