Flight Monitoring - Partner

Flight Monitoring - Partner

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For clients of our travel partners

If you have already purchased a flight and want someone watching over you, ready to help if things go wrong during your travels, then this service is for you. 

This service is NOT for you if:

  • If you're looking for help searching for and ticketing your flights with money, you'll need Flight Planning or, if you're looking to use miles, Award Travel.

Here's what our Flight Monitoring service includes:

  • Answer questions you have about your flights before departure
  • Send a pre-departure update with essential information
  • Monitor your flights and broader airport and weather issues so we can assess the likelihood for delays to develop
  • Track your aircraft on previous flights to ensure it's on time
  • Prepare alternate flight options if delays look likely
  • Work with you and the airline to get you rebooked in case of last minute delay or cancellation
  • Provide pricing on hotel/car/train options and book if airlines have nothing available
  • Inform loved ones and travel companies about any delays so you don't have to
  • Help with any lost baggage or damage claims that may arise

Once you sign up, we'll get your flight details from you and assign you to a concierge team for monitoring.