Refund Hunter

Refund Hunter

Regular price $60.00 with Family 4 Pack Discount

Are you not taking your trip but are struggling to figure out what your options are to postpone or refund your flights?  

Let our Refund Hunter service help no matter when or where you booked your tickets. 

  • Send us your latest flight confirmation email along with the original receipt. 
  • We use our expertise to work with the airline, travel agency and you to get a refund if you’re eligible.
  • If you aren't currently eligible for a refund, we will track waivers and flight cancellations until the day before your scheduled flight to see if you become eligible. 

The cost for our Refund Hunter service is 10% of the total refund collected with a $100 minimum. To get started, we take a $60 (per reservation) nonrefundable deposit for each reservation. 

    • If we secure a refund we'll charge your card the remaining balance.*
    • If we aren't able to secure a refund, we'll give you the full value of your deposit to use toward our Flight Planning services for future travel. 

Sign up today to start the hunt.

*We will collect your credit card number at the time of that request. Nothing besides the deposit will be charged until the airline or travel agency confirms you are eligible for a refund and begins the refund process. At that time, we will charge your card for the remaining balance.