Overnight/Weekend Air Travel Concierge

We are not currently hiring for this position. But if you think you sound like a good fit for this job and want to be up for consideration when we open up for hiring, apply below! We'll keep your application on file and will reach out if we think you're a good fit. 

We specialize in providing air travel assistance to people at various points in their travels.  The Overnight/Weekend Air Travel Concierge's primary responsibility is to help people if something goes wrong during the hours the flight planning office is closed.  We have three types of shifts, and we bid every two weeks so you can pick what fits with your schedule.

On-Call shifts: These shifts are from 5p to midnight and midnight to 7a Pacific Time nightly as well as from 11a to 5p Pacific Time on weekend days.  On these shifts, the concierge has to be reactive if anything urgent happens during the scheduled time.  If nothing goes wrong, then no work is done! 

On-Duty shifts: These shifts are from 7a to 11a weekend days. On these shifts, the concierge is actively working. Besides responding to any urgent issues, the concierge will also send updates to traveling clients, assist with ticketing, responding to non-urgent emails, and other various tasks.

We're looking for someone who is passionate about helping stranded travelers get where they need to go. You have to like dealing with people and understanding what they need, even if they aren't entirely sure. We also need someone who is good at being available at night.  If you don't love this, it's not the right fit.

More Details on Job Responsibilities

  • For on-call shifts, there will be a minimum pay of 1.5 hours per shift and then actual hours beyond that will be billed as worked. The concierge will be on duty to answer any urgent questions and help travelers who are stuck overnight.  Email and phone systems are programmed to alert if there's a problem, so this role is responsive.
  • Some urgent questions may require a simple response or update (such as slight delay with no impact to plans). Others may involve finding new flight options for cancellations and missed connections. This will often be done in the Sabre GDS.
  • Be available to answer urgent phone calls and provide help if needed. (Sometimes, those calls to the urgent line aren't all that urgent.)
  • The weekend on duty shifts require certain office work and are paid for the full shift.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you like to do, then keep reading for what we're looking for.

Skills You Should Possess (and Other Stuff)

  • Reliability is absolutely critical. Must be available and able to assist within 10 minutes of any alert notification.
  • Must have good knowledge of airline networks and options to be able to find alternates quickly for stranded clients.
  • Knowledge of Sabre or other GDS/ARS preferred but not required (don't bring your bad habits).
  • Accuracy and speed are very important. Timing is everything when it comes to this role.
  • Common sense ability to help clients better understand what they need or should want is required.
  • Never be too proud. If you don't know the answer, then be willing to ask others for help.
  • Must be able to roll with the punches and maintain calm demeanor. The client may be stressed and angry, so you can't be.
  • Background check will be required - job involves handling sensitive client data.
  • Location doesn't matter to do the job, but you must be eligible to work in the United States.  Preference will be given for those in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. We figured this might be perfect for an ex-pat who might not be working currently but wants something to do during the daytime on the other side of the world.

All work is done remotely so make sure that you have a comfortable place to work. Work will be done on your own PC computer, and you must have reliable internet and a smartphone. Communication with clients and airlines is a mix of email and phone, so you must have a quiet work environment.

We can't stress enough how important attention to detail is. 

Must be authorized to work in the US.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, then you can apply below.